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Appenzeller® Cheese is the pride of a whole region. Our recipes bring the taste of Switzerland to your palate – and a visit of our Appenzeller® show dairy allows you  to experience the creation of our cheese first-hand.

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Fire up the oven and cook a magical meal that your family and friends will love

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The home of Switzerland’s tastiest cheese

Discover a region that is as varied and exciting as our cheese specialties – the Appenzellerland. The area around the Alpstein boasts a myriad of excursion opportunities, sights, and secrets for guests of all ages.


Discover the region

Beloved customs and traditions, combined with a passion for folk arts like the "Appenzeller Bauernmalerei":  The Appenzellerland has its own unique culture. Surrounded by mountains and a breathtaking panoramic view, it is the perfect starting point for voyages of discovery through untouched landscapes, and the perfect place to experience traditions dating back centuries. Come and explore a region so unique in so many ways, you can’t help but fall in love.

Appenzell Innerrhoden

Appenzell Ausserrhoden