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vielleict später

Our product range

Appenzeller® cheese is guaranteed to be free of preservatives, flavour- and colour-enhancers and contains no lactose or gluten. Its free from Genetically Modified Organisms (non GMO)

White Label

Aged for 3 months
Rich and creamy
With an extra portion of cream.

Silver Label

Aged for 3 months
Mild and creamy

Gold Label

Aged for 4-5 months
Tangy and aromatic

Black Label

Aged for 6 months
Sharp and robust

Purple Label

Aged for 9 months
Complex and lingering

Organic Green Label

Aged for 3 months
Creamy and zesty

Organic Dark Green Label

Aged for 4-5 months
Aromatic and full-bodied

Brown Label

Aged for 6-8 months
Potent and unique
Made from semi-skimmed milk.

Appenzeller® for Raclette

Aged for 4-5 months
Robust and meltable


Creamy and tasty – it’s different from other fondues.


Aged for 3-4 months
Savory and robust
Produced only in summer, high up on the Alps.