Trade Association

In order to guide a company as rooted in tradition as Appenzeller® cheese into the future, you need people with a fine sense for both, tradition and progress. Our trade association maintains this balance and embodies our values.

Appenzeller® cheese is more than just a brand — it is tradition, craft, and origin all-in-one. Founded in 1942, the trade association has ensured that Appenzeller® cheese remains a typical cheese delicacy from Eastern Switzerland and is promoted as such. Its main duties include protecting the brand and the origin, promoting quality and sales, planning and regulating production, setting market-based prices and representing the Appenzeller® cheese industry both politically and in the public eye.

The trade association consists of the following four stakeholder groups, each of which has 1/4 of the votes during the annual general assembly:
the foundation and funds for Appenzeller® cheese, representing the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden as the brand owner, roughly 800 Appenzeller® milk producers (farmers), about 40 Appenzeller® cheesemakers (cheese dairies) and 5 distributors/affineurs from the Appenzeller® cheese dealers association (AKHV).

The main decision making body of the trade association is the general assembly, with a total of 141 members. The eight members of the management board are elected by the general assembly and they represent equally the four stakeholder groups. Decisions are made by a qualified majority. The trade association is a non-profit organisation and does not distribute profit. It is legally a limited liability company (GmbH) in accordance with the Swiss Federal Code of Obligations.

Trade Association Team

The team members listed below are supported by many part-time employees, who take care of tastings, events, trade shows, and quality assurance.

Rudolf Hegg
Managing Director

Pirmin Baumann
Head of Quality Management

Vanessa Widmer
Assistant Quality Management

Andreas Künzle
Controlling Quality Management

Max Nef
Controlling Quality Management

Reto Steiger
Head of Marketing and Market Development

Renato Caluori
Key Account Manager

Leandra Mazenauer
Events and Merchandising Material Services

Jasmin Keller
Online Marketing and Projects

Eveline Eugster
Head of Finance and Human Resources

Marigona Hoti
Finance and Human Resources 

Melanie Berisa
Finance and Administration

Nadine Raue
Finance and Administration